Genuine Japanese Kiryu Soil - Shohin Grain ( 2 mm - 3 mm )


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ITEM: Genuine Japanese Kiryu Soil for Pines & Junipers Bonsai Tree Soil Mix
- Slightly acidic mineral rich volcanic rock.
- Hard particles, not break down easily, will retain structure for several years.
- Great for Pines & Junipers or old trees repotted infrequently.
- Can be used on its own or mix with other growing medium and compost.
- Japanese soil mixes usually include Akadama, Hyuga Pumice & Kiryu.

This product contains a small amount of debris, is a normal phenomenon, since the transport process can not avoid friction, pressure and other circumstances lead to some of the powder situation.
Thank you for your understanding

Particles are approximately from 2 mm~3 mm

VOLUME : US DRY GALLON (Item will be repackaged and shipped without original bag)
1 Quart = 4 Cups = 0.25 Gal.
2.5 Quarts = 10 Cups = 0.625 Gal.
2 Gal. = 8 Quarts = 32 Cups

- Kiryu will be sent in a resealable zip bag. ( quarts )
- This shipment cost cannot be combined with other items.