Japanese Super Hard Fired Akadama & Kiryu Bonsai Soil Blend - Small Grain 14 Liter


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ITEM: Pre-mixed akadama, ezo pumice, fired kiryu, and a small amount of wood charcoal.

- This soil is blended for Pines, Acer, Juniper and Broad-Leaf bonsai trees.
- This soil has been steam sterilization in order to kill disease-causing germs, nematode and so on to hasten the growth of plants.
- Mix with other favorite organic medium (compost, bark, etc.) for use.
- Product of Japan.

This product contains a small amount of debris, is a normal phenomenon, since the transport process can not avoid friction, pressure and other circumstances lead to some of the powder situation.
Thank you for your understanding

Particles are approximately from 3.0 mm - 6.0 mm

approx. 14 Liter.

- We ship in original imported Japanese bag.
- This shipment cost cannot be combined with other items.