Natural Ohko Dragon Stone for Aquascaping, Terrarium, Bonsai Rock - Mixed Sizes


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ITEM:  Natural Ohko Dragon Stone for Aquascaping, Fish Tank, Terrarium & Bonsai Tree Display's Rock
The honeycomb holes in the stone are formed by scouring the riverbed, with unique multiple colors combine to make a 
  spectacular backdrop for your freshwater aquarium.
Dragon Stone is inert and will not influence your water chemistry, making it the ideal layout material for any aquarium.
- Dragon Stone, also known as Ohko Stone, is a popular aquascaping rock named after its scale-like texture.
- 100 % all-natural stone, suitable for all kind of bonsai tree display's rock.
- Product of China.

Pieces from packages will range from 3" - 8"

- Stones require rinsing prior to use.
- Dragon Stone can be easily broken into smaller pieces with a chisel and hammer.

Dragon stone come with a wide array of colors, ranging for gray, yellow, orange & brown. 

All measurements are approximations and may vary by 0.25"

Dragon stone shipment cost cannot be combined with other items.