Decorative Salmon Bay Pebbles - 3 lbs/9 lbs/30 lbs


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ITEM: Salmon Bay Pebbles for Bonsai Tree, Lucky Bamboo, Zen/Fairy Garden & Top Dressing
- Uses as dry steams beds / paths for miniature landscapes "Saikei"
- 100% natural earth inorganic gravel.
- Decorative golden salmon bay rock.
- Product of USA.

Approx. 1/8" to 3/8"

Pebbles are NOT pre-washed, may contain debris / dust, rinsing is recommended before use.

- Do not let the bonsai pot seat in water.
- 3.0 lbs. rocks are enough to cover one 10"x 10"x 1" humidity tray.
- Do not allow the water level to be above the pot's drainage hole(s).
- Evenly cover the humidity tray with these pebbles, and fill with water.
- In order to provide a humid environment for the bonsai tree, keep some water in the tray at all times.

Pebbles shipment cost cannot be combined with other items.

All measurements are approximations and may vary by 0.25".