Fir Bark, Pumice, Red Lava for Bonsai Soil Mix - 1 Gal. Each Medium Grain


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ITEM: Fir Bark, Pumice, Red Lava for Cactus & Succulent, Bonsai Soil Mix - One Gal. Each 
- Mix with other favorite organic medium (bark, coconut chip, compost, peat moss etc.) for use.
- This is not a ready to use bonsai, cactus & succulent soil. 
- Product of USA.

This product contains a small amount of debris, is a normal phenomenon, since the transport process can not avoid friction, pressure and other circumstances lead to some of the powder situation.
Thank you for your understanding

Particles are approximately from 1/8" - 3/8" ( 6.0 mm - 10.0 mm )

VOLUME: US Dry Gal. 
1 Gal. = 4 Quarts = 16 Cups 
Fir Bark, Pumice and Red Lava ( one gal. each )

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