Japanese Biogold Original Natural Bonsai Organic Fertilizer + 10 Baskets


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ITEM: Japanese Biogold Original Natural Organic Fertilizer Bonsai & Plant Food
- Macro Nutrient Analysis : N-P-K 4-5-4
- 100 % natural and organic, none toxic ingredients.
- After the first watering, the slight initial odor will disappear.
- All purposes fertilizer for bonsai, vegetable garden, flower, orchid & houseplants.

- Slow-release ( solid ) scatter pellets directly on the soil surface.
The long-lasting fertilizer will remain effective for around two months.
- Fast-release ( liquid ) spread them after melt into the water. ( about 2-3 pellets per 3.75 gal. of water )
The fertilizer will remain effective for around ten days.

240 g / 900 g

ITEM: 10 Pcs New Plastic Fertilizer Basket Box, Container w/Cover
- Keeps solid fertilizers on the surface of soil.
- Contains an anti UV ray ingredient that won't deteriorate.
- Water directly onto the basket for the slow release method.
- Very useful for feed bonsai tree, orchid & home garden plants.
- Made in Japan.

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